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Skyscrapers and grass

How Apartments Affect Home Value

How Apartments Affect Home Value Common do we hear: “Renters are bad!” “All these apartments are going to sink my home value!” This may not be totally true.  Charlotte is seeing a lot of new apartments and re-zoning going up all across the city. According to William Rohe, Director of the Center for Urban and […]

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New Real Estate Agent Success Guide

New Real Estate Agent Success Guide Welcome Aspiring Agents! I’ll be finishing my 3rd year as a Realtor® this Spring. I have been blessed to sell about 60 homes my first 2 years in the business. I am not a local of my town and I began fresh out of college, so this success has […]

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West Charlotte Schools Game Changer

West Charlotte Schools Game Changer Have you ever thought your kids could sliding from one floor to another during school hours… and encouraged to do so? Invest Collegiate has an indoor slide that is used as a rewards system for the students. Public schools of West Charlotte have historically been some of the city’s worst in […]

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Laundry Before After

Make the Most of Your Tiny Space

Make the Most of Your Tiny Space Every homeowner gets to that point where space seems to get smaller and more cramped. As Americans, we accumulate a bunch of stuff, or at least I do. I can’t help but share a personal story of Sanders and I learning to make the most of our tiny […]

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Family Christmas Photo

A Hero of the Heart

    This post is written in honor of my father’s 30th year in the Real Estate Business in Charleston, SC. For those readers not familiar with the industry from an insider standpoint, being a Real Estate Agent is a tough calling. Between working weekends and nights, the relational energy spent pleasing clients and agents, […]

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Charlotte a Sport Lover’s Dream

  Charlotte A Sport Lover’s Dream Unable to be denied, Charlotte can be viewed as a destination city. While our flourishing business world might bring new locals, sports keep them entertained. Here are a list of the teams we root for: Carolina Panthers – NFL In the 2014-15 season, the Carolina Panthers celebrated 20 years of […]

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Blue_Sky Front of Home 2

Monteith Park: Charlotte’s Pleasantville

    Monteith Park: Charlotte’s Pleasantville Looking for an amenity-rich neighborhood and a great place to raise a family? Look no further. Monteith Park is Charlotte’s version of “Pleasantville.” The Charleston-style community with wrap-around front porches and sidewalks galore make this subdivision one of the city’s most charming (and affordable) spots to live. The active […]

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Family Walking with Bicycles

What Charlotte Neighborhood Is Right For Me?

What Charlotte neighborhood is right for me? It is the question every first time buyer, relocating buyer, and seller thinking of moving asks. We know Charlotte, NC is where we want to be, but what is the best area of the city for us? From first time buyer neighborhoods known for their affordability and convenience, […]

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020_Master Bathroom

Trendy Bathroom Upgrades That Sell

Trendy Bathroom Upgrades That Sell Every once in a while trendiness meets affordability when it comes to decor. Houzz, a home design website, took a recent poll to find out what type of bathroom upgrades people most desire in a home. The results were much less expensive than you would think. Here are 5 of […]

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